Saturday, May 12, 2012


Dixie Carter took a trip to New York this week. She didn't say why, only that there was another surprise in the works for the company. Speculations? Plenty. Anything concrete? I'm afraid not. While columnists a plenty will have a great deal to say about the workings of TNA, but I'm a shade or two different from the others online. I happen to be an optimist who is seeing growth in places across the board that the haters are not.

Two more former WWE guys are looking to cross the line, so I'm being told. I have been talking about these two for quite some time and it looks as if plans are beginning to come together for TNA to welcome them into the fold. Is this for certain? Most things rarely are. Wrestling's business side of things falls under those that aren't certain. Things could change, but if they don't, we'll see two young performers who are hungry for some payback. They were told that their pushes were a sure thing and then they were let go without a word. Sounds like an old, familiar story.

The first once held an undefeated streak just as Crimson does now, having defeated a great deal of the WWE mid-card of the time with his finisher. The other found great success as a part of a tandem, but came into his own as a singles performer, giving credibility to a mid-card title with his bouts against the likes of TNA performer Jeff Hardy. In any case, both have been trying to court TNA's upper brass in hopes of a debut on their roster in the past couple of weeks.

In any case, I'm sure you were wanting names. Fact is, however, you already know them. Once one makes their presence known, the other will appear more obvious. Trust me.

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