Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Value of X......

TNA's X Division has been a showcase point since its inception it's first year and the list of performers to fight for the title reads like a who's who of professional wrestling's greatest high flyers. However, the list also contains some of the divisions' most devastating hard hitters as well. The X Division stood for extreme rules, extreme velocity, and extreme risk taking for maximum pay off. In recent years, Eric Bischoff has put a cap on the lightning bottle by removing the divisions' most famous landmark phrase...."it's not about weight limits, it's about no limits".

By my reckoning, it's time those reins were removed. I say we bring back the World X Cup and make the ultimate prize in the division the final prize. No trophies, just the belt. Bring back Sonny Siaki. Bring back Apollo. Bring back Lance Hoyt. Bring back all the big guys who fought over the X Title and mix it all up once again. This division has lost its way and there are ways to go about bringing it back to its former glory. Austin Aries is the perfect champion to begin the journey towards X Division superiority of TNA's Impact Wrestling brand.

The value of TNA's X Division is paramount to TNA's success and it MUST be under the original concept of the division for the brand to flourish. Initially, I was going to book its return to glory and I can still do so if it's desired, but this column is a rally cry. TNA's fans need to have a voice here. I've written to TNA asking for no limits to return and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Why? Because the X Division isn't about weight limits; it's about no limits.

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