Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weapons with Mouthpieces.....

In the world of professional wrestling, there has always been an answer to not being able to do the talking for yourself. The answer? Managers and valets. The simplest solutions are usually the ones that work the best. have a beast that you need to have the mystique of not speaking? You get a man who somehow is able to calm the beast enough to enter the ring and complete a match without killing his opponent. Examples? I'm glad you asked....I give you my top 5 favorites.

1. Paul Heyman representing Brock Lesnar- The Next Big Thing made his beginnings as the monster who never spoke with the former frontman of ECW as his mouthpiece. Heyman's genius as a promo guy made Lesnar every bit as formidable as the worst of hardened criminals. He could have stayed shrouded in secrecy until his debut and allowed Heyman to do all of his bragging beforehand and let the awe sweep through as he destroyed everything in sight.

2. Armando Alejandro Estrada representing Umaga- R.I.P to the former Jamal of Three Minute Warning, but the man who spoke on his behalf was the agent whose words on the mic not only made you wish that the pain about to be inflicted on Umaga's victim would be cast on him as well. Since that was the idea to begin with, it made him as good a manager as any we've seen in recent years.

3. Ric Flair representing AJ Styles- This may surprise some of TNA's fans as Flair's influence hasn't been the best, particularly as a member of the worst year in TNA's history......2010. His place as spokesman of Fortune, however, was one of the few brights spots of that year.

4. Father James Mitchell representing Abyss- The Monster Abyss never appeared more menacing than under the guiding hand of one of the most devious planweavers of them all. Had Sting not separated the two, Abyss may still be one of the most feared of TNA's performers.

5. Paul Bearer representing Kane and The Undertaker- Last, but not least, arguably the most famous dark personality to manage a performer, let alone two. His persona made The Undertaker and Kane the most feared duo to ever step into the squared circle.

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