Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bound for Glory remix Pt. 2....Pope's Possibilities.....

He's a wonder when a microphone is put in his hand and he can put on a decent match to boot. Pope D'Angelo Dinero has been on the back burner for too long. His arrival in TNA just a couple short years ago was a welcome addition and it allowed the one time Elijah Burke of WW/ECW fame to break out and showcase a well honed craft.

Once his storyline feud with Devon had run its course, however, Dinero was left on the sidelines. I believe he has it in him to be a world champion. I believe he just needs for the powers that be to let him loose and allow him the freedom of character to make a decent storyline to catapult him into the main event.

I want Pope D'Angelo Dinero to succeed in this Bound for Glory Series because a brand new champion isn't one thing that comes around very often and I would daresay that it doesn't happen often enough in this business. TNA has been very good about creating stars out of their ranks and not relying fully on former WWE talents. Since he hadn't established a run in WWE, I count Dinero from the ranks of TNA before I consider him one of them.

Whatever the case, Dinero represents a dying art, the ability to transform script into ad lib and write story with his words. Few people are able to make a promo feel like it had been on his mind all day long and it took a microphone to bring it out. The Pope can. Who would I hope for as his opponent?Austin Aries. A microphone duel like that would be priceless, to be sure.

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