Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Bound for Glory Series re-mix: Pt. 1

I have to admit, the prospect of adding James Storm to the Bound for Glory Series has me a bit confused, mostly because the plan ultimately is to reignite the Bobby Roode rivalry. In contrast from last year, however, Samoa Joe is actually in second place. Seriously, this makes the current year something interesting. I am legitimately curious if TNA has it in their plans to make things unpredictable by creating a new winner.

If I was a writer for TNA, I would pick somebody COMPLETELY out of the realm of normal. So who would my winner be? One of three choices......D'Angelo Dinero, Magnus, or Daniels. Why these three? Because none of them have ever held the World Title. Why not Bully Ray? Because I don't believe he needs to win the Bound for Glory Series in order to win the World Title. He simply is that talented as a heel and a performer. Why not Robbie E.? Because I don't believe he deserves his spot to begin with, at least not as of yet.

Over the course of the next few columns, I'd like to explore what each contender could bring to the table as a champion. For the time being, let's explore where each are in the standings.

Magnus and Pope each have 7 points and Daniels has 5. These standings are a far cry from the lead, but I would be absolutely surprised if TNA didn't have some plans to stagger those standings to make things a bit less predictable.

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