Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bound for Glory Series remixed Pt. 3.....Magnus Rising....

Ever since teaming with Samoa Joe, I've been very impressed with TNA's British big guy. He's a good performer. I like his look, and the chemistry between the two, he's been given a decent opportunity. To be blunt, even being put into the Bound for Glory Series is a big step up, as far as I'm concerned. So what does he bring to the table that the others on the card don't? I'm glad you asked.

First thing's first, he's already a former Tag Team Champion. That's a step in the right direction. He's got a pretty linear career, with his title run in the recent past and his entry in the tourney. Considering how early in the tourney we are, I see no reason why he couldn't gain some pretty respectable points in the coming weeks. He's as tough as one can ask for.

I'll grant that Magnus isn't very flashy on the microphone, but that has never stopped TNA from putting a person into contention for the big gold belt before. I love that he's a relatively new face for them to be getting behind even in the most basic way of putting him into the Bound for Glory Series. If there is a better time for TNA to debut Magnus as a front runner, I don't know when that would be. When TNA goes to the UK for their next year tour of Europe, it would be nice for one their own to be holding TNA's biggest prize.

While my position isn't without flaw, I believe TNA has it in them to build a few surprises into the Series. Few surprises would be quite as unexpected or welcome as seeing a newcomer into the main event level. Under those pretenses, Magnus seems about as unexpected as they come.

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