Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bound for Glory Series remixed Pt. 4....Daniels' Deal

I've been told that Daniels will never be anything more than an upper mid-card talent. I don't buy that for a single minute. He's got a working persona. He's one of the TNA originals who paved the X Division road as it were. Don't be fooled into thinking he's too small. He's one of the quickest and best workers TNA has on their entire roster.

Daniels can work a match against a performer of any size and make the match look like a classic. He can also sell offense like an insurance agent. You'll buy it because he's that kind of talent. His accolades are a very impressive read, to say the least as a multiple time X Division and Tag Team Champion with honors of pioneering Ultimate X. Daniels can cut a great promo and his best work took place as a front running member of the X Division a few years back. He can cut the promo of a champion and he can play both heel and face roles with the best in the business.

I believe Daniels in the Bound for Glory Series in name alone gives the tourney some teeth as a determined performer with the experience and knowledge to lead TNA into a new championship era to rival the "selfish generation". Do I think TNA has in them to pull the trigger and give him a run with the big belt? I'd like to think so. They gave Bobby Roode, who had been a man trying to shake the dust of Team Canada from his trunks for years, a shot. They gave the remaining partner from America's Most Wanted a shot (albeit a short shot). Why NOT Daniels?

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