Friday, June 22, 2012


For once, I have to say, I am filled to the brim with questions. It all mostly stems from the hard numbers of TNA's television ratings. There was a time when TNA was getting consistently between 1.10's and 1.20's , but in recent weeks, we've barely seen Impact march any higher than 1.05. What does all of this mean to the product? Is TNA actually failing to deliver? What do the people really want to see?

I have been scouring message boards and other online columns and I think I've come up with a few reasons as to why things are looking more rough and tumble in the ratings department. Why don't we have a look?

1. Family Matters......Brooke Hogan and Garett Bischoff have made TNA's top brass look like opportunistic, self serving maniacs who are looking to fatten their egos by putting family in high positions of power. I don't believe this is fully the case, but it does give off a definite air that direction, perhaps even without them fully seeing that.

2. Depushing the X Division.....Austin Aries isn't the only name on TNA's X Division roster. TNA had some genuine success with Doug Williams holding the belt for the division and he even added a personality to his own character to boot. Kid Kash would have been another name to keep the belt warm for a while, having been a strong X Division contender in earlier years of TNA.

3. Two Knockout Show.......Gail Kim and Mickie James were, quite bluntly, the most often used Knockouts on the entire show for the past few months. Even when Velvet Sky won the title at Bound for Glory of last year, her reign was put to an end by the returning Kim. Since that time, Mickie and Gail have dominated the spotlight until only recently, when Tess began her own reign.

4. The TV Title competition.....I can't tell you guys how tired I am of Robbie E. He seems to be the only guy who can lose over and over and over again and yet never lose his place in line for a chance at the title. How frustrating is it that TNA can't pull their roster together and make this belt look legitimate again. They had done such a good job by making it necessary to defend from week to week, but having the same guy every week makes for too little change.

5. Dangling Carrots.....Matt Morgan is my best example of a guy who was never given the proper chance, regardless of how much he gave to the company. Yes, he held a little bit of gold. Yes, he was given a couple of really good pushes, but when he dropped into the injured reserve, TNA wasn't as supportive as they needed to be. Fact is, they should have given him a reign, a massive, lengthy World Title reign.....but they didn't, and now he's off to what might become greener pastures for him.

Regardless of the reasons, TNA needs the ratings to show something good is happening because it truly is the best wrestling program on the landscape right now. All I can believe is that time will mend the ratings drops and will eventually pull back up once again.

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