Tuesday, June 19, 2012


WWE just had their answer last night. No Way Out has been touted as a disaster by some critics. In a recent poll, of a possible 700 votes, only 245 gave the PPV a thumbs up vote. For those of you math majors out there, that's only 35% of the vote. This, folks, should be a sign. Vince, however, has very little regard for the fans and his head is too firmly focused upon his new network launching this fall to care what's happening on his shows currently running or PPVs for that matter.

TNA, in stark contrast, is far more focused both in their progression of storylines, which is something they have worked very hard in improving on this year AND elevating new talents into the main event tier of the card. The rotation of DIFFERENT talents in the main event title scene is FAR larger than WWE's right now. To be clear, though, TNA nearly always puts their World Heavyweight Title match at the end of whatever PPV is currently running. Where WWE seems to view the title as merely an afterthought.

This kind of development is something that TNA needs right now. It gives them a chance to continue to do what they are excelling at without having to worry about what the competition is doing. Since WWE has dropped the ball with every major TV storyline since CM Punk's infamous pipe bomb promo last year, TNA has used the momentum to their favor, capitalizing upon what was considered the most controversial decision of the last year in not giving Bobby Roode the World Title at Bound for Glory only to give it to him 2 weeks later.

The only two reformats that need adjustment right now are the Tag Team Division and the X Division, which is on the verge of collapse without enough depth or focus. A few more talents and we'd be looking at a resurgence, to be sure, but with Alex Shelley, Anarquia, and Matt Morgan gone, Mexican America, Crimson/Morgan and the Motor City Machine Guns are no more. That's three pretty critical teams not vying to capture Tag Team gold. Granted, Crimson was turned, but even if he hadn't been, we'd still be one big man short.

Thankfully, TNA has always been good at making the Tag Team Division look more powerful than it is by putting a great deal of spotlight on whatever teams are fighting for it even if there are only two major teams at the moment. It's that fact that grants TNA some time to get their division back into working order. The X Division, however, may yet be a different story provided Austin Aries does what many believe he will this Thursday night on Impact. I, for one, hope TNA is able to capitalize on their successful run of Aries in the X Division and pick up a few more talents to fill out that division as well.

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