Friday, June 29, 2012

The Return of the Icon......

The three man beatdown of Sting a couple of weeks ago gives the Icon an opportunity to get some much needed rest. That being said, as the premium attraction of TNA, Sting's return is planned for Bound for Glory, the story ramp beginning to unfold either in the week before or the week after No Surrender, which will also include the final Bound for Glory Series Tournament that will determine the World Heavyweight Title challenger for the following month's PPV.

While the event is still fresh in the minds of the creative team, no word is being said as to whom TNA is planning on being the leading man behind the beatdown. Why? Because the story hasn't been written that far as of yet. I've made a few speculations as to who the leader of the band could be. Now whether or not others will fall victim to the same beatdown as Sting is entirely a mystery, but I can certainly hope so as to keep the storyline fresh in the minds of TNA fans as well. Keeping the mystery masked renegades as a pitfall of the Bound for Glory Series would make everything just a bit more interesting, much like a rogue Samoa Joe did last year when he put Matt Morgan and at least one more on the sidelines.

SO.....what could Sting's match at Bound for Glory consist of?

Last Man Standing?
First Blood?
Iron Man?
Street Fight?

And who could be his opponent?

Jeff Jarrett?
Chris Masters?
A Bound for Glory Series contender?

Speculations will continue to swirl even as the summer moves forward and Bound for Glory draws nearer. Which also brings another thought to mind.....Dixie Carter has just announced that this year's Bound for Glory will come to a city that TNA has never been in. Any guesses?

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