Monday, June 25, 2012


Right now there are 11 active Knockouts on the TNA roster. Of that number, 4 are swirling around the Knockouts Title at any given time. This, to me, means that there SHOULD be at least 3 teams fighting for the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles. Unfortunately, Eric Young has been out of action for two reasons. First, he has undergone reconstructive throat surgery. Go ahead and laugh. About a million jokes are to be found in that last statement. Second, Animal Planet has taken him on as the host of a show on their network, which, as it turns out, happens to tape on Thursdays.

TNA is of two minds on this. They want to have Young on the show, but they are also glad to have the added exposure on a new channel. I enjoy the humor he nearly always brings to the show as well, but it does seem that his role as co-holder of the Knockout Tag Team Titles has run its course. That being said, a storyline must exist to remove the belt from them that would put this division back into the realm of importance and into prominence.

Angelina Love/Madison Rayne

That is my solution to the current Knockouts Tag Team dilemma. I think that incorporation of every division would greatly improve the quality of the product. Dixie Carter announced the formation of at least one more, possibly two new TNA shows. This will allow far more time to showcase even this potentially profitable division.

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