Thursday, June 21, 2012

Waging War......

If someone were to have told me that Slammiversary would have nearly double the buys of last year's event 5 months ago, I would have called them crazy because they hadn't gone into promotion mode for that PPV. But lo and behold, Slammiversary pulled down nearly 15,000 buys. Last year's figure was 7,500, for the record. Now, I grant that this is nowhere close to WWE's PPV buyrate, which garners double and triple digit thousand buys each month, but this is HUGE for TNA. This marks the first TNA PPV where things look like WWE might have reason to be a bit nervous.

Moving forward, I've been giving TNA's two division deficits a lot of much needed thought and I believe I've come up with a solution. Remove the weight limit and put Pope Dinero, Doug Williams, Robbie E., Alex Silva, Mark Haskins and Joey Ryan into the mix with Kid Kash and Zema Ion. Put these teams together.....

Magnus and Rob Terry
Samoa Joe and Crimson

That makes 4 teams including those already feuding in storylines as well as over the titles. Combine that with the 7 talents I've mentioned for the X Division and now, the benches are empty and you've got a perfect blend of talents to make it interesting again.

Yes, WWE has their Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H match planned for SummerSlam, but the Bound for Glory Series is in full swing right now and begs for full attention, not to mention the three hottest frontline stories in professional wrestling today. SO, as we march through the summer months, prepare to be entertained as things begin to go into overload.


  1. Why not have a ppv where wwe and tna pit their best against each other for one night champions against champions brand against brand that is something i would pay to see and tna could gain more fans. It's not a bad idea if you think about it.

    1. Yea that's a good idea they did it with wcw and ecw make it like a Halloween Havoc call it when brands collide

  2. for the x division. 3 things
    1. Remove weight limit
    2. Add wrestlers. Move guys like hardy,rvd,aj,daniels,kaz,joe,williams to it.
    Sign indy stars like Tj Perkins guys from ROH, ring ka king, AAA, OVW ex talent, petey,dutt,evans
    3. More matches! Have 1 x division match a week on impact. Also impact and PPV mainevents to raise its value and profile.
    Ultimate X, world x tourney.

    For Tag division
    Get OVW talent.
    Team up
    Gunner & Kid Kash (2 tattooed up bad asses)
    The Pope & 'Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels (religion gimmick link)
    Hardy & Rvd/Mr Anderson
    Sign guys like
    The Briscoe Brothers etc.