Saturday, June 30, 2012

What Saves Robbie?

I've said it twice so far. Robbie E. doesn't deserve his spot in the Bound for Glory Series. Okay, that makes three. My point is, it's important to not only understand why AND what would make him more deserving. To make my case, I would like to begin with the title he's held.

In recent years, the TV Title has lost more credibility than the WWE Diva's Division and his reign has truly only been against one opponent. In fact, Devon has been the biggest star he's feuded with so far. Not a good sign. As far as I'm concerned, the fault of this lies every bit as much with TNA creative as it does with his character that he has yet to capitalize on. He has a body guard....fine. He's got a character steeped in popular culture....fine. But he isn't compelling to me as a contender just yet. Why?

He's predictable. Yeah.....I can guess his next move before he comes out the curtain. He also isn't a true threat to anyone's championship for that reason. Let's change that.....shall we? What would make him dangerous?

1. Take away his defender. Robbie T. needs to be given a different role. On solution is to turn him against his handler. Another is to do a simple break and have him be the target of someone NOT in a feud with Robbie E. Give them two different targets and you'll have break without it being official.

2. Coordinate. As a tandem, they lack some chemistry. They still have to look to see where the other is in relation to the ring. A good tandem doesn't need to do that. The New Age Outlaws, The Hardy Boyz, The Dudleys (Team 3D), America's Most Wanted, and a great many wonderful tag teams; they all had one thing in common: chemistry.

3. Intensity. Let him pick up a few tricks. Make him the leading man in the Sting beatdown. Does he have a good reason? If you know how to play the cards, he does. Sting is the defender of Hulk Hogan; he's the right hand man, as it were. Robbie is bitter that he's been given nothing but crumbs for the time he's been in TNA. He's decided it's time to pick up the pace for his shot at greatness. The problem is, Hogan can't be intimidated or bent to his will, at least not without some convincing. Sting is the answer to all of that. Take out Sting, you have ammunition. Think about it, it could all play out with Robbie E., Robbie T., and a new recruit...Chris Masters.

There are other ways to give a man like Robbie E. some chops and get him noticed, but these three DIFFERENT tactics could gain him a following. I must warn that picking the first option makes the other two useless, but by using the 2nd and 3rd option in concert would make him a star. How do you save Robbie E.? Change his outlook and the outlook of those watching.

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