Thursday, July 19, 2012


If history were to repeat itself, I would want it to do so right about now. Nearly 20 years ago, WCW was going through booking difficulties before finally ending up in the hands of Eric Bischoff, who made the suggestion to Ted Turner to switch channels from TBS to TNT  and from 5 'o clock in the evening on Saturday to Monday nights at 8. That decision made WCW's momentum shift into overdrive.

Ted Turner was WCW's benefactor, enabling them to have a home viewed by the grand majority of the cable-enabled world. Right now, TNA could use a benefactor with the same kind of reach in influence as a Ted Turner, but a negotiator like Eric Bischoff is nearly as good. Don't believe it? He did aid in negotiations between the heads of the Spike TV Network and got TNA a deal lasting until 2014. I'll grant that the television environment TNA is in seems far less stable than WCW from 20 years back, but since that is out of TNA's hands almost entirely, it also seems a moot point.

Spike TV served well as WWE's home from 2002 all the way until about 2008. Six years is quite a while and without incident, I might add. Unfortunately, the tides have been sweeping against TNA for quite some time, but time and time again, they have shown not only promise, but determination as well as the leading alternative to WWE. Spike was scorned by WWE, who decided to leave their network in favor of USA despite negotiations for them to stay on bored. It's not surprising to note that shortly after their departure, TNA was brought in as a replacement; a sort of middle finger to their former association with the larger and higher profited WWE.

Would a private investor have that same kind of influence as a Ted Turner? It's hard telling. Simply throwing money at a problem as specialized as a programming dispute between a carrier and a programming conglomerate seems pointless since even though it would cost money to begin with, the demands wouldn't go satisfied for long. If the momentary demands were satisfied, TNA would do well to shop their program to a new network whose lineup and affiliated networks within their ranks isn't in jeopardy by the powers that be demanding more from their carriers or the public at large.

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