Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blood in the Water.....

I've said it before. I've stated my distaste for Vince McMahon's new world, a world where children are the target for the programming. And with the man who single-handedly shipwrecked the Cruiserweight Division, Hornswoggle, being revealed as the Anonymous GM of Raw, it seems clear to me, WWE is bleeding. I once called them dead, but this is somehow worse. Why? because TNA is very much operating with momentum. Having come off of two straight winner PPVs and swaying critics right and left, the little company from Nashville is finally on the offensive.....and without firing a single shot at their rival.

Suddenly, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff aren't as useless as the critics have led some to believe as we see WWE continue to withhold their best for the hype of the 1000th episode of Monday Night RAW in a couple of weeks. A fellow blogging colleague made a good point just yesterday... what makes the episodes of RAW that follow the 1000th so special? He makes a good point. No one seems to be hyping the 1001st episode of RAW. With WWE emptying their pockets for the one time appearances of Mick Foley, The Rock, and a host of other former ongoing RAW talents, there is nothing to compel those not already watching RAW to give it a chance once the landmark episode has run its course. In fact, I'm completely satisfied simply watching highlights on YouTube with the full knowledge that I've denied WWE the satisfaction of giving them 3 hours of my time for the possibility of 6 minutes of enjoyment.

Why do I bring all of this up? Because there's blood in the water, folks. TNA hasn't been doing anything out of the ordinary. They've been focused on themselves and making their product better. That is what's making the difference here. They aren't focused on taking jabs at WWE anymore. Instead, they're keeping their eyes on the ball and putting on strong shows each week. This is the changing of the tides, guys. This is, quite possibly, the most critical moment in the history of TNA up to this point in time. TNA is pushing their newer talents. They're introducing new faces and making alliances with independent organizations and outside sources.

It was nice to see Diamond Dallas Page and Sid Vicious and even Doink the Clown, but I noticed something that I doubt the rest of the WWE Universe did. When each man came out of the curtain, there was a pause before the crowd reacted. Why? Because the audience consists of children who got their parents to buys tickets. When the legends came out, the kids had to ask who they were. THAT'S what's killing WWE. Nostalgia only works when you have people who know their history because they were there. A 10 or 12 year old kid has no clue who Sid Vicious was....or Diamond Dallas Page, for that matter. When you consider that, Doink the Clown isn't such a stretch. They may not have seen him before, but a clown goes over well with kids no matter which era you find yourself in.

There's blood in the water. TNA is turning into something far more dangerous to WWE. TNA has a champion who hasn't needed retraining to be put on display. In fact, not only is their World Champion an independent hero, their X Division Champion proved me wrong and could very well follow in the former champion's footsteps if TNA plays his cards right. Their solution to the summer month slump is working and it's making each match a must-win situation for the competitors involved in it. The top storylines are moving as they should be, with patience and enough twists to keep people engaged and invested. TNA is becoming the shark that the professional wrestling world has needed since the fall of WCW.


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  2. This blog is completely wrong. WWE has plently of direction and momentum. It is fine to choose TNA over WWE. I have friends that prefer Ford over Chevy..but to WWE is far from dead. As far as the past superstars statement..you could not be more wrong. Did you even listen to the crowd when Psycho Sid came out?? They went nuts from the get go. Post after post you bash WWE to make TNA "seem" better but we all know that WWE isnt going anywhere and certainly isnt concerned with the likes of TNA.

  3. I have a question. With the way things are going for Tna right now, wouldn't it be wise to get rid of Hogan or Bischoff? I mean, Tna is doing great because of Dave Lagana, not Eric & Hulk. What do you think Tactix?

  4. I watched raw and added up the time of in ring wrestling its around 20 tp 30 minutes in a 2 hour show. I've made the statement before and people believe me but still watch and love wwe. I've also said if you want spoilers for up coming wwe shows is to just watch the bold and the beautiful and other soap opera shows. Even if daytime soap operas have more action and wrestling than wwe shows have in a month put together, people still say wwe is better. Which doesn't make any sense. Considering your telling and showing everyone the facts I guess you can't teach and old dog new tricks or the one girl in a abusive relationship. You tell her to leave him and find someone better. That's how it is with wwe and tna. WWE abuses its fans while TNA is what wrestling fans relationship needs.

  5. Dave Lagana was a piece of the puzzle, as was Bruce Pritchard, but Hogan and Bischoff had worked with both back in their WWE days. It was their idea to bring them both aboard. Do I think TNA would be better off without Hogan and Bischoff? I'll admit that was my opinion at first, but then something happened. Both men began to sit back and stay behind the curtain more often, allowing more time for the talents in ring. Bischoff has been an invaluable asset in TNA's negotiations with Spike TV for the contract extension they now enjoy. Hogan has been using what marquis value his name has in attempting to garner more mainstream attention about the TNA product. I believe TNA is doing just fine with both men and losing them is not going to do TNA any favors.