Saturday, July 7, 2012


The most difficult thing for a daily writer (or as daily as can be managed), is to keep things fresh and new without overstating or stating the same thing over and over. From time to time, it makes this column, in particular incredibly difficult to maintain. If a topic doesn't come readily to mind, I find myself wandering the net, scouring the forums and discussion boards and fan sites to try and scrape together something new to put here. I do thank you all for coming as it truly makes doing all of that worth the time and trouble.

I've been keeping close track of TNA's Bound for Glory Series standings and here's where everyone falls as of this moment.....

36 Points....James Storm
27 Points....Samoa Joe
21 Points....Jeff Hardy
20 Points....Kurt Angle
14 Points....Magnus
9   Points....Mr. Anderson
7   Points...Rob Van Dam
7   Points....Pope Dinero
5   Points....Daniels
0   Points....AJ Styles
0   Points....Robbie E.
0   Points....Bully Ray

Keeping in mind that the highest score going into No Surrender will determine the tournament seeding going into the PPV, TNA is doing much better at making this thing more unpredictable. With Jeff Hardy, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle doing very well in the early goings, it puts a good spin on the rest of the series.

As was the case with last year's series, we have a couple of performers who have been too preoccupied with other stories to earn much in the way of points. Bully Ray and AJ Styles have yet to score and the explanation has been good enough to even forgive the lack. What seems so strange to me here, is that Joe is being given a decent push towards the top. I've been given the impression that upper management isn't as high on him as TNA fans are. Having gone from having negative points last year to 2nd place this year, though, is a welcome change. I look forward to seeing if TNA pulls the trigger on him at the top.

A couple of the top spots are a decent commentator's point seeing as Jeff has beaten James Storm once already in the series. I believe this talking point will come into play a bit later as they face off once again. I have said it once before and I believe it's worth saying once again, I have this hunch that Bobby Roode won't be holding the belt going into Bound for Glory this year. I also get the feeling James Storm won't be winning the series to rejoin the Roode/Storm feud that has some unfinished business. As for who WILL be holding the belt, I couldn't begin to guess.

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