Saturday, July 21, 2012

Criticisms and Wandering.....

In a landscape where WWE's loyal critic column writers scoff and hurl pointed objects at TNA, I have become probably the only voice throwing something least in a public forum. Am I overly critical of WWE's product? I don't think I am. I know WWE's lineage and I know what they are capable of. Ladies and gentleman, what you are seeing right now is NOT the best they can do. Let the scoffers and hurlers do their worst, but TNA is putting out some of their better material in years. They are signing decent, even great talents. I would even go so far to say that this year's storyline set is the best in the past 5 years.

Would I like to see more viewers spike the ratings? Sure, but you can't judge quality by how many people are watching. When WCW was trouncing WWF, WWF was putting out the better show for a fair portion of the time. It only took longer for the public at large to get behind them and make that happen. Some have called the Aces and Eights storyline a rip-off of old storylines and that it's all been done before. Has anyone been watching wrestling in the past 10 years? It's ALL been done before....except for John Cena being a bad guy in the PG Era. The idea is to bring something original to the table with each storyline you attempt to repackage. Has a faction story been done before? Of course it has. But has it ever been left to wonder just how many people are actually involved? Nope. Not one time has it been left to question. When the Aces and Eights debuted, there were about 4 guys. When the next attack happened, there were closer to 11. Same story, 7 brand new players.....or are they?

Did WCW's nWo faction do beatdowns? Nearly every week for a long time.....but it never began that way and it didn't explode in size from the beginning. This new faction isn't the same, folks. It's turning into something different. It's still too early in the game to know exactly what we're looking at, but I think it's same to say that this is an old idea with a newer spin. There seems to be no pattern to their beatdowns and they are operating outside the borders of good and bad as Bobby Roode became the victim of a beatdown along with Austin Aries. I find the story a far cry more compelling than John Cena winning his first briefcase.

I want to believe WWE will cash out of this PG Era and ease back into a deeper, more rich product with long running programs and more fleshed out characters, but we're not getting any of that. Further, they seem content to allow great talents slip through the cracks and get by them without giving them enough of a test run to know what they are capable of doing for the product. Kharma made a statement in her debut and was quietly released when her return could have happened at any time. A Royal Rumble appearance was all she got out of her WWE experience. Some have gotten less, but it seems a shallow victory when you consider that they claimed to be bringing "legitimacy" back to WWE when they re-debuted Brock Lesnar....and then they let Kharma go.

The Bella Twins are gone, Kharma is gone, Kelly Kelly might be gone, that makes 4 Divas for all of you Math majors out there. 4 Divas from their roster is HUGE, people. Seems to me that it's time to hang up the boots for Natalya and Beth Phoenix because the Divas Division is on life support. I'm sick of the poor showing the two best divas are getting. I'm sick of the lack of showcase the undercard is getting. I'm sick of the World Title matches being second best thing on the card. I'm sick of so much talk and so little action. I'm sick of move bans, scripts, and the bait and switch. The worst part of it is that I'm not even watching the show.

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