Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day of Battle.....

Today is one that will be remembered. Today, the X Division gets the limelight. Today is the day of in ring battle. We'll get a few answers and then we'll have more questions. THAT is how running a good storyline goes. I'll admit, I jumped the gun in my prediction of the last man in the X Division Tournament. The point, however, is that I believe TNA could really use another spokesman like Austin Aries. Do I believe in the regulars? Doug Williams and Kid Kash are my short list at the moment. I don't, however, believe that the rest have the ability to carry that torch just yet.

I think we'll see an advancement in just about every major storyline tonight even though not every storied match is slated to take place. Even though Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park is set for Impact this week, I think we'll see some kind of advance to that. Gail Kim vs. Tessmacher is also set for this week's Impact, but I don't believe TNA will simply leave the Knockouts off the card.

TNA is also going to want to advance the two front running stories, in my opinion.....Aces and Eights (the dead man's hand), and the Claire/AJ/Daniels storyline. Bet on some new developments. These have all summer to mature and run their course. TNA is doing quite well in running things to the end and THAT, I believe is what is setting them apart in terms of consistent decency in their programming from week to week.

TNA needs to keep it up and I believe that on the day of will do just that, thanks to a few handy survival tactix.....

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