Friday, July 6, 2012

Destination X.....

Seven combatants have been announced for the 8 Man Ultimate X Tournament. Why 7? The final entrant has yet to be named. Could this mean a return? A debut? My guess is that we'll see someone special enter TNA as the final man. Who wouldn't freak out if John Morrison came into the Impact Zone as the last guy? Who would be still sitting down if Petey Williams walked down the ramp after nearly 3 years?

While the X Division has the biggest spotlight, there are a few other matches on the card that are pretty high profile matches. Match of the Year contenders? Have a look at the card....

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe
AJ Styles vs. Daniels in a Last Man Standing Match
Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park in a No Holds Barred Match
Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode for the World Heavyweight Title

Anyone see some decent matches? You'd better believe it. Throw in 4 quarter final X Division qualifying matches and you've got a GREAT card. And you wonder about the 7 announced X Division competitors?

Douglas Williams
Zema Ion
Kid Kash
Sonjay Dutt
Kenny King
Rashad Cameron
Flip Casanova

I continue to mention that there is one name missing from the 8 man Tourney because TNA wants this year's Destination X to do some good numbers. Expect something new and different from this year's festivities and the aftermath leading into Hardcore Justice.

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