Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dishes and the Network.....

In news just announced today, DirecTV, one of the nation's biggest satellite providers may be dropping Spike TV from their basic packages along with a few other channels. This comes on the heels of complications with the Viacom affiliated networks. Unless some sort of agreement can be made, Spike and other channels directly affected will be cut from the packages in short order.

It's unclear what this development will mean to the network or how it functions as a result of the negotiating process, but you can bet it won't play out well for TNA. In response to the news, both Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan have gone to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets along with some of TNA's top stars to lead a fan campaign to convince DirecTV to continue carrying Spike TV.

To find out more about the Spike/DirecTV/Viacom situation and how TNA's fans can be proactive in the negotiation process, go to http://www.impactwrestling.com, check out TNA's official Facebook page, or jump onto the Impact Wrestling YouTube channel.


  1. Bullshit DIRECTV is NOT DROPPING THESE CHANNELS, VIACOM IS TRYING TO RAISE RATES 50% INCREASE. THIS WOULD COME OUT OF US, THE CUSTOMERS POCKET. VIACOM Is THE PROBLEM NOT DIRECTV! I am so sick of the news on the net, always some know nothing asshat spreading Bullshit. Get your facts right before you post! If this happens TNA will no longer be in 30 million American homes, watch the ratings if this does happen. VIACOM is SCREWING VIACOM not DIRECTV!

  2. Let me be clear about my post here. The reasoning behind DirecTV dropping the channels was left out for a reason.....I didn't know the specifics. I also never said that DirecTV is the bad guy in the situation. I ALSO gave a place to look to find out more about the situation, 3 possible sources, in fact.....so try to read the WHOLE post before throwing down criticisms.