Saturday, July 21, 2012


Over the past few years, I have logged in nearly 1000 columns, almost half of which being here in defense of TNA and I have no signs of wear. You might ask why I do it. Why would I keep defending an organization that has yet to put up numbers in the ratings to truly rival WWE? In the last 10 years, the giant on the hill has been untouchable to the world, answering to virtually no one for the many errors and mishaps caused by those who answer to Vince McMahon.

Why do I do it? Because we're on the verge of something big. Something monumental is coming and I want to be a part of it. What, you might ask, is so important? A revolution. Thanks to outside companies like Ring of Honor, Chikara, PWG, and others, WWE is losing ground and nothing- not The Rock, not Stone Cold Steve Austin, not even the reformation of D-Generation X can do anything about it....not if they're only around for a night.

The revolution began when WWE started marketing their product to the kids again. Critics, up in arms, went in three directions. They either stopped watching altogether, started following the indies and TNA, or they muscled through the nonsense and stomached what they were being given, even enjoying their newly watered down product. TNA is doing some of the things WCW did. They are going live. They're introducing former WWE talents. They're even running an invasion angle to rival the nWo of old. And it's getting people talking.

That IS the point, right? When you don't reveal the facts right away and allow a story weeks, even months to mature and bloom, you draw people in. When you give the divisions time to showcase, you draw people in. When you are patient with the performers on your payroll and give them a reason to care about coming to work, it shows and people are drawn in. When you connect with your fans on a personal level, you draw people in. WWE isn't doing those things. TNA is.

TNA is expanding. The fans who tuned out when the PG Era began are starting to tune in to TNA and there is no gauge to show how much growth the fan base has done but to look at the turn out and buyrates of the top TNA PPVs. The numbers are going up. I'll go on record in saying that Bound for Glory will do numbers even higher than last year. The movie theater promotion did well enough for TNA and I believe this year will be no different as they announce a larger showing this year, now that their own Hall of Fame is going on display.

With the acquisition of Chavo Guerrero to the TNA roster, the revolution kicks off with style, experience, and a fast pace. Now would be the time to Cross the Line.....

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