Friday, July 27, 2012

Impact Point.....

I muscled through RAW this week to find some good things happen on Impact. I knew my patience would pay off. So....Storm has been accused. An interesting twist....but we all know better. Among those in the masks was Chris Masters, which is better than nothing, I suppose. Sam Shaw or "Surfer Cena" as I'll now call him, got himself a contract. The guy is white bread if ever there was some. I do not see heel material here, folks. Just saying.

I've got a question....where ARE all these rookies? I mean, Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, what has TNA done with them? They get themselves on the payroll and then they sideline them? Am I missing something here? They DID hire them, did they not? Seems to me when you draft someone you play them early to get some experience under their belts sooner than later before the develop any sort of ring rust that's hard to shake.

I'm loving Joey Ryan's story. The YouTube channel....brilliant. I like it more than I ever did Zack Ryder's little show. I've predicted a couple of people as the leader of the Aces and Eights. Seems I was right about one of least from what I'm hearing from behind the curtain. You guys keep tuning'l become obvious in the next few weeks.

It was great to see Chavo. I am having a bit of difficulty believing Kid Kash has any kind of problems with him, though. I truly had to muscle through that segment. Two veterans should NEVER have to work that hard in a promo segment. Showed me that the guys doing the writing have some work to do and they had better get started sooner than later. Hernandez is just who I would have paired Chavo with out of the gate. THIS is the LAX I wanted to see from the beginning. I'd love to see another Hispanic join the group to round out the team and make it a small stable. Giving that kind of stable a face run would do good things for the Tag Team Division. Kid Kash and Gunner is a good pairing as a heel team as well. Good job TNA Creative for the vision. Now let's do some work on the scripts next time.

Sting was the GM I saw coming. Only around until Hogan has recovered. Okay. I can live with that little tidbit of info. It's nice to see someone in the locker room finally has assembled and organized to fend off the Aces and Eights.

Last, but not least....sad news. Velvet Sky has been released. TNA, if WWE picks up her contract, you'll have lost some of your momentum. Count on that. In the meantime, do some revisions on that contract she'd been negotiating for and give her what she asks for. She needs time off? Give her some space. She wants more ring time? I think Gail Kim or Mickie James can slide over a make some room for her. She wants to travel? Make her your ambassador. Velvet Sky sells. Period. She's the single-most popular search on the TNA roster and you let her go? This is a no-brainer. Get her back. And so ends another lesson in Survival Tactix.

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  1. My favorite knockout....... released??!! oh heck no!! sad day for tna! :(