Sunday, July 1, 2012


I've been thinking and do you know what TNA needs? A good guy who is smarter than any of the bad guys because he thinks like one. Imagine Bobby Roode but smarter and more cunning. I would love to see a guy like this get screwed by the bad guy and during his post match interview say something like this....

"(Insert heel name here), you put one over on me. Not many people do that. Why? Because I'm a patient man and your time is coming. You see, I've waited in the shadows; I've watched your rise and I've seen your fall. It didn't happen tonight, but it's coming and when it does, you'll wish you had just let things run their course. Looks like I've got some planning to do."

He continues to wrestle every week, but during matches with the heel, something out of the ordinary happens every time, causing him to lose. One stipulation, the face never sets foot in the Impact Zone at the same time. That's right, no run in's, no interference; just mind games. He might cause a pyro "accident" to scare the heel or his music might come on just as the heel is getting the advantage or someone else might try to get his attention from outside the ring. Whatever the case, the face always get the upper hand.

Sounds kinda like a heel, doesn't it? That's the appeal. It's the good guy who is good by virtue of taking bad guys out by being worse than they are. It's so easy to switch roles, too, which makes the writing of storylines easy. He would elevate face AND heel talents alike. Cerebral Assassin? FAR MORESO than Triple H. Dirtiest player? More than Ric Flair himself. Opportunist? More than Edge. It factor? I would say even more than Bobby Roode.

Where does he begin? Now THERE is an interesting question. My suggestion? Gut Check. Let him beat whoever TNA chooses to bring him up against. On the first try. If it were me, I'd make it someone TNA is pretty high on. Crimson, Bobby Roode, or Kazarian with a Daniels interference. Give fans a reason to root for him. He works on the villains and then becomes one himself eventually. It's a time honored story that you can use for years and it never really gets old....provided you can change things up each time it's presented.

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