Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mixed Blessings......

Now that the break is over, we prepare for the next round of TNA's march to Bound for Glory......Destination X. I don't know about everyone else, but I am looking VERY forward to see what this years' annual X Division limelight experience will bring to the table for TNA.

In some less favorable news, Shannon Moore and Angelina Love have been granted their release from the TNA roster. While Moore and Love will be missed and leave a hole in the roster, it seems clear that TNA is doing their best to refill those spots via the Gut Check Challenge. Taeler Hendrix is a beautiful, talented addition to the Knockouts roster and the return of Sonjay Dutt MORE than makes up for the loss of Shannon Moore. 

This news leads me to my one and only criticism of the TNA product. Brooke Hogan needs to go. She can't act. She can't wrestle. She's been useless to the division as of yet. She doesn't even HAVE a character as a member of the management team. She isn't a face, she's not a heel. Do I believe she'll improve as her tenure with TNA grows? Doubtful. Do I think she'll pick up the wrestling craft? Not a chance in the least not to any meaningful degree.

As for the X Division spotlight, I look for Sonjay Dutt, Rashad Cameron, possibly Zema Ion, and one final entrant to steal the entire show. Ultimate X NEEDS to be given the second largest amount of time on the card for the masses to believe that the X Division is being given the spotlight of the night. As far as the main event, I would be a bit stunned if Austin Aries didn't put up among the greatest matches in his career. 

Will he win the championship? Should he win the championship? I believe that, to once again establish Destination X as the X Division's "home turf" so to speak, the answer to both questions should be YES.

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