Saturday, July 7, 2012

Place Your Bets.....Destination X

As is the case with each month's PPV, I try to give my predictions for the winner of the respective matches on the card. That being said, this month is no exception, save for the obvious spotlight on the X Division being the theme. SO, without going into too many words let's have a look......

Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles.....Because it's AJ vs. Daniels and because it's Last Man Standing, I don't feel the need to tell any of you just how great this match is going to be. You already know both men can bring the goods to the party any day of the week. I, however, happen to believe that this match is going to be something special. Why? Because there's a summer long story riding on it. I'm going to go with AJ getting the upper hand, but not without a cost. There will be some kind of twist to make this more interesting.

Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe.....Every time these guys get together in the ring, good things happen. Simple as that. If they get a reasonable amount of time, we'll see a great match from the two of them. Even so, I'm going to go with Joe taking the win and a few more points in the win column.

Ultimate X....Since Destination X centers around the 8 Man Tourney leading up to the Ultimate X further into the card, I figured I would skip the steps towards the finish as no one really knows their opponent until Sunday anyway. My bets are going towards Sonjay Dutt. Why? Because it'd be compelling to see a former X Division great come back and win it for the first time. It would truly set the tone for what the PPV is all about.....a shot at making a statement.

Will we get to see Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title? That much I don't know, but if we DO get to see that, I can see Brooke Tessmacher retaining the title for another month.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode.....The X Division's secret weapon vs. the leader of the selfish generation. I love the matchup on paper almost as much as I've enjoyed seeing the two in ring facing off in the weeks leading up to this point. I would LOVE to see Aries win. Fact is, it could happen. It could end with Aries taking the belt and reveling in the festivities. Next month is Hardcore Justice and that means we've got the potential of a Hardcore Match for the World Title. IF Aries wins, I can see Roode going absolutely insane and destroying people the following week on Impact. In fact, that's my prediction.....Aries wins and begins a brand new era.

Destination X will deliver. That is something that never fails. The X Division, when put on display, does everything it takes to give fans what they paid paced, high flying, risk taking, high impact maneuvers designed to do damage and take an edge to pull down the belt. The X Division isn't about weight limits.....It's about NO LIMITS!

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