Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Plot Thickens......

So......AJ is the father of Claire's unborn child? Interesting development, to say the least. So much for the squeaky clean reputation of TNA's golden boy, eh? But there's more to the story than that, isn't there? We all know there is.

-Joseph Park was beaten and then came out of nowhere with a Black Hole Slam and began rocking back and forth like Abyss used to do in his early days. Coincidence? Family trait? Are we in the process of seeing a mirror character created before our eyes? I love this storyline as it's playing out and despite the fact that it's been running for a while, I'm confident in where it's going.

-The Bound for Glory Series this year is rolling pretty smoothly. I'm actually finding myself enjoying the way things are moving....steady with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting and competitive. I will say that I don't fully believe Joe will ascend to the top to finish off the tourney, but I also don't believe anyone is out of it just yet, except maybe those who have other things on their minds....AJ, Bully Ray.

-Last, but not least in my view, the Dead Man's Hand story. Two consecutive beatdowns in Sting's attendance to the Impact Zone. I like this story, but it begs 3 VERY important questions:

1. Who is involved in the beatdowns?
2. What is the motive?
3. How long can this story unfold?

The third question sets up the ultimate goal of TNA to have Hogan and Sting possibly team up for a match against the architects of the beatdowns, whomever they may be. We have Hardcore Justice and No Surrender on deck before Bound for Glory in October. That means 2 months before the final build towards whatever match they have in mind for this. When does TNA finally unveil the identities of the attackers and do we need to know EVERY member of the entourage? By my count, there were 6 men involved with the most current attack on Sting. That's DOUBLE the number of the first beatdown.

SO, we have ourselves one of two possible scenarios here.

1. We have one man who has hired his mercenaries and we don't need to know who they are.

2. We have one man who has brought an army with him and will reveal them to the world when he's ready.

My vote, for the record, is option #2. I would LOVE to see some fallout from this following Bound for Glory. It simply sets up the rest of the year for the kind of combustible feuds we, as wrestling fans thirst for in our product. But THAT is where TNA is doing their job well. They've written this out to where there can BE the speculation from fans and it gets people talking about what comes next. These top stories are what is making TNA something special right now. They are setting themselves apart from WWE in that none of the stories are directed towards WWE's target least not the CURRENT demographic.

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  1. I think that it's Eric Bisoff behind Aces & Eights