Friday, July 20, 2012

Power Play.......

I only want to talk about two people in this column; one who makes his debut next week and one who is, even now, in negotiations with Dixie Carter. This is the culmination of a couple of predictions I made nearly a year back. But before we get into that, I have long term news that will make TNA fans VERY happy. Viacom and DirecTV have come to an agreement and Spike will be back online within a few days. THAT MEANS Impact will be back to full viewing capacity. And the good news just keeps coming....onto my two subjects.

1. Chavo Guerrero.....

Yes, you heard that right. Chavo has signed with TNA. All I can say about this development is that it's about time. They have needed another performer of his caliber for a while now. Could he be the mastermind behind the dead man's hand? A good question, to be sure. Whatever story his debut is involved with, bet on some good times ahead.

2. Chris Masters......He's been in negotiations, he's had at least one dark match to gauge where he will best fit. In the most recent news concerning him, negotiations between he and Dixie Carter have been going well and, it seems we'll be seeing him come across the airwaves for Impact in the weeks up and coming. Had Matt Morgan kept with TNA's plan, we might well have seen an unstoppable Tag Team force rivaling anything Team 3D might have done, but even his individual debut makes for an exciting prospect.

This is an exciting time to be a fan of TNA. The storylines are getting better, the roster is strong and deep enough to be put on display without more than a couple of people being benched at any given time, and their home is no longer in danger of going black again for those who enjoy DirecTV's service. This column is for all of you guys.....welcome back to the viewing public.

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