Tuesday, July 24, 2012

RAW 1000

RAW 1000 reminded me why I love being a wrestling fan. Why? Because there were two things I loved in the entire 3 hour show. One was at the beginning, the other was at the end. Everything else was the status quo of WWE....was it nice to see the legends? Absolutely. I wish Lita was the head of the Knockouts Division. Do I believe it was the best showing for WWE? It was for the past 6 months, but it has run its course.

My favorite two parts of the entire show involved DX and TNA. WHAT!? How could both be involved in a WWE show? Well, the reunion of DX was pulled off PERFECTLY. I mean it. It was a one time thing. It involved a current WWE rising star and the legacy of the full blown D-Generation X squad, minus Chyna for obvious reasons. TNA didn't appear in person. Rather TNA was a chant on the lips of fans in the arena during the John Cena vs. CM Punk main event. Believe it, folks. That chant made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and it told me everything I needed to know about the direction of WWE.

The fans are beginning to see the mirrors. The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, HBK, the Undertaker, and the rest on tap tonight weren't enough to stifle a TNA chant from the crowd. RAW 1000 was nice, but it wasn't what it could have been....what it should have been. We have a main event for SummerSlam and for Royal Rumble of next year. Punk giving The Rock the GTS was a nice touch, but don't expect Rocky to rebuttal until maybe Survivor Series. Brock Lesnar only has two matches written into his contract and we're being given the opponent for match number one at SummerSlam....HHH.

Some glaring absences could have been noticed....the bulk of the Attitude Era's Tag Team Division and Stone Cold Steve Austin. I can explain the first absence, but the second has me baffled. The WWF teams that made up the greatest tag team division in memory aren't around anymore. Jeff Hardy and the Dudleys are in TNA, Matt Hardy is on the indy circuit, Edge is retired, and Christian was dethroned as a champion. As for Stone Cold being absent.....there is no excuse, he SHOULD have been there. WWE dropped a huge ball in not having him there in person to give a stunner and walking out. That was a T-Shirt, as I recall.....Come, Raise Hell, Leave.

So RAW has a new GM, The Undertaker and Kane are still brothers, more legends whoop down Heath Slater, and fans still hate on Cena. I think I covered the rest of the show. I rarely felt like it was anything other than a walk down memory lane through a tunnel. You can't see what's outside the tunnel, but you're pretty sure it's not as nice as the tunnel is. There was a time when RAW was my weekly fix and Impact would get me through until the following Monday......no longer. RAW this week made me remember, but it also made me thankful that there is an alternative that will deliver each time I watch.

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  1. i would have to disagree on the dx promo i think that showed every thing that is wrong with the wwe at the moment. i dont think vince should of been the one to interduce dx. they were always the rebels and should of stayed that way. instead they came out to sell as many different pieces of merchandise as possible. secondly the pg change. billy gunn was always the bad ass billy gunn and to fit in with the pg era they changed it to the bad man. for me it was a joke and a spit in the face of every wwf fan that remembered dx. and am i the only one that was hoping that when billy gunn and road dogg came down the ramp they kick triple h's and hbk ass and took of there dx tops to show the voodoo kid mafia shirts they use to wear