Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The World of Speculation.....Bad Kharma....

The rumor mills have been on overdrive since a TMZ reporter gave the update on the status of the performer once known to TNA as Awesome Kong. The report stated that WWE had released Kharma from her contract. To further add to the speculations, she was removed from the active roster and put on the Alumni portion of WWE's website. In a new twist of things, WWE just a short time later switched her status on their website again, putting her right back on the active roster list.

IF WWE releases Kharma, it will reinforce my assessment of WWE's complete inability to utilize former TNA talent. I'll never understand what the upper echelons are thinking when they drop the ball in their use of talents from TNA. My list is only partial and from that list, only ONE has ever won a title of any kind. This list is narrowed to those who have never performed as part of their roster.

Monty Brown (Marcus Cor Von)
Lance Hoyt     (Vance Archer)
Kid Kash
Chris Harris    (Braden Walker)

Now, this list doesn't count former WWE talent that TNA repackaged and improved like R-Truth or even Christian. Don't even dispute Christian. I know some out there will want to, but had Christian not signed with TNA, he would have made a meager living right where he is right now as a mid-card champion instead of the World Champion he has the capacity to be. TNA made a world class talent out of him and WWE knows it too. It also doesn't include CM Punk, who spent about 6 months on the TNA payroll.

It would be nice to thank the good folks of TNA for former talents by pushing them on a bigger stage, but that would mean giving TNA credit for something they created and we can't have that, can we?

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