Monday, July 2, 2012

The Value of X: Poised to Strike

I LOVE writing about the X Division. Truly. The fact of the matter is that I have probably written more about the X Division than about any other division in TNA. The thing about Destination X is that there are more debuts coming that are sure to be welcome. We've got Rashad Cameron and a returning Sonjay Dutt, complete with a brand new finisher. I've been told that next week we'll be seeing more X Division Championship hopefuls.

So THAT means Austin Aries isn't going to need the X Division to fall back on AND the X Division will continue to thrill the masses. Will Thursday be the day that the single most popular former X Champion returns to command the ranks once more? I've been pushing for his return since his release a few years back. This would be the perfect time to bring him back home. His finisher garners more hits on YouTube BY FAR than anyone else in TNA OR WWE. I can think of no one more suited to an upper tier feud upon his return than Maple Leaf Muscle.....the Canadian Destroyer himself, Petey Williams.

Think about it.....Petey Williams, Zema Ion, Sonjay Dutt, Kid Kash, Rashad Cameron, Kid Kash, and Chris Sabin in the same division. One word comes to mind.....amazing. Imagine potentials feuds for Williams should he have the X Title come this time next year......a Team Canada grudge feud with Bobby Roode, Petey vs. Jeff Hardy, Petey vs. was a shame that his charisma was overlooked by the top brass in management. Nevertheless, whoever is on tap to be revealed this coming week is going to be a welcome addition to TNA's X Division. Are there any other potentials who could  hit the ground running here? Two others cross my mind.....

Joey Ryan and John Morrison. I know I'm not the only fan of both guys and the X Division could use the elevation that a superstar like Morrison could bring and the current airs moving Joey Ryan's story are compelling, to be blunt. I very much look forward to Thursday as the climate leading into Destination X is being driven appropriately towards the division TNA has had it's product praised for from the beginning.

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