Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I'm sure some of you wrestling historians out there saw the post and IMMEDIATELY clicked in anticipation of my saying that TNA would be revisiting the classic WCW style match. Well, I get the suspicion from another column writing colleague that TNA could be looking into doing something very similar for one of this year's PPVs. Would that be in TNA's best interest? I couldn't even begin to guess, but one thing is for sure, TNA could use another match style that they can call their own now that "King of the Mountain" has been MIA for quite some time. Lethal Lockdown and Ultimate X have been TNA's only mainstay contests and have only drawn moderately in recent years. It's time TNA had something else to call their own.

WWE has WCW's entire archive under their control and among them is WarGames. Older fans have been calling for its return for YEARS, but WWE, in their "infinite wisdom" have denied the implementation of the match style as it wasn't their creation. Additionally, why would they when they already have the Elimination Chamber that has worked so well for them? Granted the chamber was an Eric Bischoff creation, but WWE still sees it as a step in the right direction, even to name an entire PPV after the structure.

I say that if WWE isn't willing to put WarGames to use, TNA should. By using a different name and putting their own spin on the structure and title of the event, they could capitalize on this innovation from yesteryear. With the brand of talent in their roster ranks, this could light up the landscape of professional wrestling right now. I know of no finer collection of talents to compete in such a match OR better teachers to train them on how the matches are meant to play out in said structure. Sting, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff would be the perfect team to bring this event back into the limelight.

Bear in mind that this is only the speculation of one column writer, but I have been predicting a brand new match type from the mind of Eric Bischoff since his hiring and now seems about as good a time as any to bring it all about.

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  1. TNA could do some other match styles.