Monday, July 23, 2012

What to Watch.....

I've had this idea brewing for quite some time. I may even give this a shot. Does anyone else want to do the same? That's right. I have been thinking about watching the 1000th episode of RAW tonight and then NOT watching the following week, just to see how far the ratings will tank. Since they don't really care how well they do except for the 1000th show, I think it'd be worth doing. This isn't to say I won't be watching Impact this week, because I DEFINITELY will.

In my times away from this column, I like to read what other writers and critics are saying about TNA and, in some cases, it gives me fuel to talk about here. One writer just makes me mad and I won't go into his name here, but he seems to do nothing but attempt to bury TNA in his columns and it drives me crazy sometimes. I respect that he has an opinion and he's welcome to that, but to pick and to pick and to pick just gets old. His arguments are dated, his opinions unfounded, and his knowledge of how things are supposed to work could be summed up in a can of alphabet soup.

In any case, my point is that despite people's attempts to derail TNA and their rise, the Nashville-based company is still coming along strong. Can't wait to see Chavo once again. It's been too long since he's been on American TV. Looking forward to what the Aces and 8's have in store for the show. It'd be nice to see the roster organize to fend them off. I'm guessing that it's coming, but until that time, it's hard telling where this thing is headed.

I also look forward to where the Joseph Park story is going. Developments there will be interesting to follow as well. This is the story TNA has needed to make Abyss matter again. For years, he's been a sort of second rate character, at least in my thinking, but the fact that he's been restrained and legally held back by Ray in the story makes me root for him once again.

As much as I hate to admit this....I'm even liking the Claire developments with AJ. Why? Because it's something different and it's a high profile story that involves two of the most celebrated opponents in TNA history. TNA was built on rivalries like AJ vs. Daniels. AJ vs. Petey Williams. AJ vs. Samoa Joe. AJ vs. Kurt Angle. But Daniels has always stood out to me because he and AJ came from the same place....Ring of Honor. In fact, they came to TNA together, giving their feud longevity. Yes, Joe came from there too, and he did enter the feud and gave TNA perhaps the greatest match in their history. Unbreakable 2005. Joe vs. Styles vs. Daniels for the X Division Title in the main event. The one and only time the X Division WAS the main event of the evening.

SO....this week I'll be watching all kinds of wrestling and from a range of different styles. I'll get the less action style of WWE and the more action of TNA. For the record, I'm stomaching RAW for you guys. So sit back and await the review that will be coming tomorrow.

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