Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where Everything Changes.....

Destination X has ended with the right men holding the titles that matter to the event. Yes, there was no Knockouts, Tag Team, Knockouts Tag Team, or TV Championship, but those divisions weren't the focus of the spotlight. Even so, however, I viewed the PPV as a success in the highest regard, where some of the best high spots were put on display by some of TNA and the world's finest ring tacticians and showmen.

A new era dawns this Thursday as Austin Aries now holds the World Heavyweight Championship. In battles that can only be described as brutal and epic, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, and Zema Ion all become champions of the night, having bested their opponents in hard fought victories. It was no mistake that TNA decided to put the X Division in a prominent place. Now, there can be no critic to argue that in the same way that ECW originals made One Night Stand their domain, Destination X has DOMINATED the landscape with the X Division.

WWE cast out Austin Aries as a contestant for Tough Enough, but ironically, he was just that tonight, winning under pretty rough circumstances. Samoa Joe was at negative points this time last year, but now, he holds the highest point total in the Bound for Glory Series. Zema Ion was only a blip on TNA's X Division radar a few months back, but now, he holds the X Division Championship. AJ Styles was losing ground as a contender in the TNA shifting sands, but tonight, he was the Last Man Standing.

A new era dawns this Thursday. Let the bells ring. All hail the Greatest Man That Ever Lived......

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