Thursday, August 16, 2012

CM Punk vs. TNA or Indies vs. the World

Does anyone remember how often I wished Karen Jarrett would be fired from my TV screen? In the wake of seeing Brooke Hogan this week on Impact, I'm feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. Why? Because as much as I couldn't stand her, I can stand Brooke even less. She's a statue.....emotionless, fake, and without any quality that makes a person in her position interesting.

I would have been thrilled to see the former ECW General Manager, Tiffany if it had been the decision of Sting or Hulk Hogan to introduce her. In fact, I'd have raised a glass in celebration, but when Brooke came on stage and started talking, I became instantly irritated and resolved to not care what she had to say, no matter what it was or whom she was introducing. I will go so far as to say that the only thing I have any interest in hearing from Brooke is that she's stepping down from her position as the VP of the Knockouts Division. End Brooke Hogan Rant.

On to a bit of news I withheld talking about until something developed. Now that there seems to be nothing on the books, I don't see why not. CM Punk was asked if there were any indy stars who he'd like to face on a larger stage if he had the chance. His response? Samoa Joe. The obvious implication is that TNA is an indy promotion. In response to his little dig, Kurt Angle, who has no business jumping into any sort of Twitter battle, jumped into the line of fire and fired back, suggesting that TNA pays him more than WWE pays Punk. While that may be true, it's certainly not relevant to the issue at hand. The point: so what?

One columnist went so far as to call TNA a "glorified regional promotion", which I would call laughable, at best. His opinion hinged on a booking decision from last year that saw Bobby Roode lose to Kurt Angle at Bound for Glory. Though I admit I might have agreed with that assessment at first, TNA management made a controversial decision and played a double title change card. WWE, whose use of that card is legendary, seems to be above reproach, particularly when it comes to the use of a Money in the Bank briefcase. The use of the title change to turn Bobby Roode heel was the very thing that made TNA the show to watch in the months that followed.

Back to the subject at hand.....CM Punk in TNA once more would be HUGE. Make no mistake about it....with a loaded microphone and fewer restrictions on what to do with said microphone, CM Punk could light up TNA and make them even better. Think about it, Cookie Monster Punk. Leave the comfort of your plush Muppet Show hosting, child catering, guest host flubbing, glam induced sugar job show and Cross the Line.....go ahead. If you want proof of TNA's freedom? Have a look....

Punk, you may have had a bigger stage, but Joe got to the mic first.

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  1. Ok so for some reason,everyone wants un family friendly wrestling. kids look up to these guys, why not make them more kid friendly. All i hear is " wwe was better during the attitude era" when dx would have girls flash them from the audiance? when vince would actually show his butt on live tv? what ever happened to "say your prayers and take your vitamans" now we have "suck it" and "sorry about your da** luck" great role models..... if they ever go back the the attitude era, or if tna starts showing more signs if it..... they willl loose a viewer and ill go back to my old vhs tapes of the old wcw....