Friday, August 17, 2012

Mysterious Ways......

There are few people in this world that get me riled up. The people who have difficulty putting double standards behind them when it comes to TNA comparisons happen to be the ones that drive me here. The feeling is almost toxic. It really makes me ask questions.....questions to which I already know the answers, but questions that, I feel, must be asked in order to point out the double standards by which those in Vince's camp seem to operate on a frustratingly high level.

What is the focal point of RAW each week? We get two things. Whatever match John Cena is selling and whatever match Triple H is selling. That's it, folks. There are no more tricks WWE can sell anymore. If someone tries to say Ryback, I respond with this....there have been a great many to come after Goldberg with a streak to break. In every case, once the streak is broken, the man loses his momentum. Goldberg was no exception, he created the rule.

How many times must CM Punk be buried beneath the tremendous ego and reach of John Cena before he decides to pack his bags and head South? TLC is coming once more and once more, I get this feeling that WWE is going to try and capitalize on the popularity rush he got last year at this time. The problem? Same as always, John Cena. WWE seems to believe this guy should never go on a vacation of any kind for the rest of his career. He's in the largest feuds on nearly every PPV. Aside from the Royal Rumble, he has main evented every single PPV of 2012. In fact, he main evented all but two PPVs in 2011 and of those, all but two were the last matches on the card.

In direct contrast, let's look at TNA.....Bobby Roode has been in the main event for every PPV to date this year. Why? He was either the champion or fighting for the championship. Is that bad booking? Not from a standpoint that sees him retain in a different way nearly every time. His recovery from a controversial booking decision has been successful and so much so, that it has brought people who felt burned, back around to see how it will turn out.

I read this in a column and I almost threw my computer on the floor. The writer suggested that James Storm's momentum was gone once he lost at Lockdown. I will grant that he may have lost a step or two, but to say his momentum is gone even though he has been a focal point to the most interwoven storyline going right now? That's ridiculous! His beatdown this week opens the door wide for what could be a pair of truly milestone PPVs, No Surrender and Bound for Glory. Right now, James Storm is in the hottest story and is the points leader for the Bound for Glory Series and he's lost all of his momentum? Thanks for trying, Mr. TNA critic, but you sir, have no clue.

In the same column there was a complaint about the AJ Styles vs. Daniels match, which lasted over the 15 minute time limit. Really? You're going to complain because a match took too long? Really? Really? I feel completely justified using The Miz's question into oblivion at that. The one time that TNA decides to give fans a conclusion a minute over the rulebook on free TV and you have to have something to say about it. Fine. You want to complain about Claire Lynch. Fine. Go right ahead. While the Claire storyline is overshadowed by the Aces and Eights, what appears to be a Fatal Four Way for the WWE Title is being fueled in part by the fact that AJ, who stood up Daniel Bryan at the alter in a mock wedding in favor of taking the General Manager position is angry at CM Punk AND Bryan? Do I have that about right? Strike from the record that the WWE Title match is likely to get the last match honors at SummerSlam to hide the possibility of a possible Brock Lesnar victory over Triple H and you've got a recipe for success, right? Please.....not even Y2J could save you from that storyline blunder, but then he's also on his way bad.

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