Monday, August 27, 2012

No Surrender.....

In light of the attack on the roster, the event promised by TNA in September's PPV, No Surrender, the final Bound for Glory Series matches will inevitably take place. What remains to be seen, however, is exactly how this will be accommodated by Aces and Eights. As of yet, no demands have been made. The battlegrounds haven't been agreed upon either. I would venture a guess that an announcement will be made this week on Impact both about the skirmish at the end of last week's show and the condition of Austin Aries and whether he will be able to compete at the PPV.

With 2 weeks left to put a plan into motion, I've said it before, TNA has to find a way to level the playing field. By my best guess, the coming week will be to inform on the condition of the World Champion and to guard his short lived recovery. The week following will be to announce the battlegrounds upon which the main event will be fought. Since Bobby Roode will not be able to challenge for the title, I would once again predict that Sting and Aries at least will be performing in the main event  vs. Aces and Eights representatives yet to be named.

Going even further with the prediction, I believe at least one member will be revealed either at No Surrender or the week following to set up the program leading into Bound for Glory. This understanding is little more than speculation as there are plenty tidbits of the pattern yet unseen, veiled by the wonderfully talented staff behind the pens of TNA Creative. Even so, WWE would do well to take some notes and hire their writers more carefully, much like TNA has done here. Their success will, be their reward for the diligence invested in such a well layered story.

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