Saturday, August 25, 2012


TNA scored a spike (no pun intended) in their ratings. After having some difficulty making .95's the past few weeks, a 1.15 was the unofficial Nielsen rating for this week's Impact. For those keeping track, that is great news. It does raise a few questions, however.....

1. What does TNA have on tap as a number 2 storyline? Since the early wrapping of the Claire Lynch saga, TNA has a gaping hole in their show. If it had been the plan from the beginning to tie up the loose ends in this particular story at the same time as the Aces and Eights faction war, we'd be having a different discussion altogether.

2. Where has Joseph Park been during all of this time? In the recent past, Mr. Park performed a textbook Black Hole Slam on Bully Ray. As you will all recall, Ray banned Abyss from the Impact Zone with a legal restraining order. Since that time, he has become a talent legal retainer? Am I following the story correctly? Does TNA have plans on answering this?

3. When are ODB and Eric Young going to defend their titles? We're going on 5 months since they won the titles and no one has even challenged? I feel like a broken record with these titles. Either defend them regularly or retire them. Seriously. Let's be done with this instead of simply pushing them to side.

4. What is the main event picture going to look like when it comes time for the next PPV? Since the events of Thursday night, Austin Aries is going to be either out of commission or, at very least, injured enough to stand a much lower chance of retaining the title until Bound for Glory. I have an idea.....don't have him defend it on PPV. If TNA has it in for Robbie E. so badly, give the poor guy a rub. His character stands no chance against Aries, so give him a title shot and have him lose on Impact. It gives the champ the ability to rest another 30 days before the title HAS to be defended once again.

5. When the battlefield is many members of Aces and Eights will be called upon to take responsibility for their actions? I believe we have reached a point where something needs to be revealed about the faction to move the story forward.

These are just questions off the cuff.

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