Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pope is....?

In a statement released by TNA management, D'Angelo Dinero has been rendered unable to finish the Bound for Glory Series due to a broken collarbone. This will mark the second year straight that a member of the roster has been unable to complete the full series. Matt Morgan was injured the first year at nearly the same time last year.

I've had high opinions of Dinero since his debut and the fact that he has been held back by outside commitments, questionable booking, and short term feuds that were too forgettable to last is a very real shame. His character, I believe, is progressive, charismatic, and reminiscent of what made The Rock a household name. While his stature and style aren't exactly the same, his ability to work a mic and improvise ranks up with some of the best in the business today. Had I named his character, I would called his finisher The Alter Call, but that's just me.

In other wrestling news, WWE released another superstar from their main roster. Tyler Reks, whom I believe should have been a smash with a unique mysterious character, asked for his release after repeated Twitter complaints and YouTube rants about his lack of TV time and wasted use. TNA would be wise to pick him up as their roster could use a character with a mysterious past since the exile of Abyss. Even the eventual crossing of paths with the monster would make for interesting TV. I ask everyone reading this....why is it so hard for WWE to utilize their roster to the fullest? They have 5 hours of first run programming with one on the way and they can't manage to make every character count? Please.

Sources are now saying that TNA has plans to have Brooke Hogan wrestle a match at Bound for Glory.....I can only hope it ushers in a new VP or sees her retire from her position. It was a nice thought to try it out, but it has been tough to endure. Surely TNA can find a more suitable replacement. My picks? One of two people......Molly Holly or Ivory. Even bringing back Traci Brooks or Roxxi would be favorable in the wake of Brooke's departure from television. A true shocker would be impossible here.....Taylor Wilde.


  1. not another hogan wrestling. that will take up space for another diva.

  2. Tyler Reks has so much potential. If TNA sign him and give him the time that WWE didn't he could be big deal.