Sunday, August 26, 2012


Spin. That's what this column is all about. How does a writer spin it? A wrestling fan with leanings in a certain direction will spin their favorite product in one way and another will spin it in another. Here's where I'm going right now: I've said before that I love going to other blogs and commentaries to see how TNA is being represented by those of us who speculate and watch the patterns. We write, we critique, we offer our suggestions, and then we watch to see how the suggestions play out. But something very interesting is happening right now.....the boards are silent. It seems as though precious few are saying anything about TNA the past few days. My first impression is that it's working....

You might wonder WHAT. That, people, is just what I plan to talk about. People are waiting to see where TNA is going next. Do they move this story into the highest levels of quality or do they squander their newfound spotlight? In the past, TNA hasn't had the cleanest track record, admittedly, for making good on their stories, but not for lack of trying. Quite often, the performers have played a heavy part in it. A year ago, TNA officials were pressured by Spike TV to bring back the Main Event Mafia to combat Immortal. Those plans were derailed by Kevin Nash and Booker T, who both jumped ship to WWE at the last minute. Their reasons are unimportant because the damage had been done by that time and TNA was forced to break up Fortune to salvage what they could of the storyline. Thankfully,  all was not lost because by the end of the year, every member was in the title picture and Bobby Roode was put on the national scene for his first reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

TNA has paid a high cost to get here. Alex Shelley, Brian Kendrick, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Awesome Kong, and a great many potentially key members of their roster have left in favor of other opportunities elsewhere. If TNA's plans aren't huge, there was a great deal of loss for nothing. Some would look at what TNA is doing with their current Aces and Eights storyline and scratch their heads, while others like me praise them for the job they've done in silencing the columnists on the WWE side of the fence. Oh, they'll continue to write about how great (or terrible) their product is, but right now, they want to know what kind of hand TNA has right now......royal flush or the dead man's hand?

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