Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Status Quo.....

I've been doing a lot of talking about how I would write things or whom I would push or what needs to be changed in order for TNA to become the dominant brand in professional wrestling these days, but the thing most important to be talked about is the state of the brand itself. Since some of the road and tapings duties have fallen to newer management, there have been difficulties in getting contract disputes resolved in a timely and cost efficient way that still benefits the performers. Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Ray, and Devon have been the most recent examples of this.

Another little problem beginning to materialize is from a prediction I made very early on. There is some resentment festering in the locker room over Brooke Hogan and her position in the company. The most early feelings were that of hope that simple name value would add something good to the mix, but in recent weeks the feeling is that her name hasn't helped and the she isn't talented enough as a talker or a character to hold the title she currently has. Combine that with an increasingly modest Knockouts roster and you have a potential problem that must be addressed quickly in order to salvage what remains and to rebuild what has been neglected.

Outside of the contracts and Knockouts Division, morale seems high as each of the last PPVs have been viewed as a tremendous success, swaying very hard critics to the cause. While the ratings have yet to jump into higher numbers, most believe it's only due to some fans who've felt burned by the brand beginning to warm up to the new changes. Some in the internet wrestling community are even more impressed with the changes in TNA than they are in WWE's tweaks.

This brings me to the contrast. WWE held a meeting before Monday Night RAW this week. During this gathering, talents were told to refrain from using language in tweets and other uses of social media that would be inappropriate for children and that remarks outside of those parameters would not be tolerated. Any kind of comments that might have been made by talents in the meeting were silenced as the top guys are content with their position and the bottom guys, in the wake of A.W's firing, were more afraid of losing their jobs.

Additionally, many within the company believe that as Triple H is given more hold on the reins of the day to day operations that we'll see greater emphasis on the Tag Team Division and even less emphasis on the Divas Division. My response? Send Natalya and Beth Phoenix and we'll put their talents to good use rather than seeing them squandered.

Personally, I have no idea what value the WWE's Diva Division has to begin with- virtually no screen time, throwaway matches, and hopelessly mismatched combatants make the division a mess from the gate. Add in that most of the current Divas have been shopped via modeling agencies and beauty pageants and you have a recipe for a train wreck that isn't even so bad it can't be turned away from. In fact, most critics say that their matches are when they get up to make themselves a snack or use the restroom. My advice? Close up shop and let TNA do your job, WWE, they're better at it anyway.

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