Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TNA's Rebuttal.....

For those of you who believe in a rising power to challenge WWE, I salute you. You make writing this whole blog worthwhile. To those of you who still need convincing, I shall keep doing what I urge everyone to do.....watch the patterns. We are on the verge of a wrestling renaissance and I believe it'll take the efforts of TNA and Ring of Honor to bring this entire thing about. Ring of Honor has a unique role in the wrestling landscape. How? In the top tiers for BOTH bigger promotions, the top tier has some of their own ambassadors. CM Punk, Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), Austin Aries and a few within the confines of the the BFG tournament (Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles). All are top notch performers who never needed to be retrained as Triple H has gone on record saying about former ROH and other independent promotions. Ring of Honor is a donor for the best of the best and has been for the past 10 years anyway.

There are some changes on the horizon, folks and the only reason this post is so long in coming is because there are events unfolding that require watching just to see how they play out, not the least of which took place this weekend.

With SummerSlam in the rearview, it seems it's now up to TNA to up the auntie. SummerSlam, after having seen what highlights were necessary, I believe was lackluster and even though WWE didn't bury Lesnar's victory over HHH, it still seemed like WWE played this entire PPV too safe. The big E had the opportunity to truly WOW the fans, but chose to play it safe and let RAW carry whatever momentum they feel they had coming off of one of their big four PPVs of the year. *Tactix shakes his head*

CM Punk....I feel for the man, I really do. Over and over and over again I see WWE upper management hold down his pushes, deny him the main event, and continually hand him losses to cool his momentum. I've talked about his second-fiddle conundrum vs. John Cena before and I won't continue on that path again here.

So as previously noted, it's up to TNA to raise the stakes of battle. Now having to book a storyline to replace the Claire/AJ/Daniels story that wraps up this week, TNA has a challenge that SHOULD be less than formidable. When news broke revealing the character, Claire's real name, she was met with some unfortunate circumstances. Barring details, suffice it to say that this story MUST end quickly for her to save face. My suggestion? Move forward with the Abyss/Joseph Park duality. While I loathe the idea of making AJ Styles and Daniels a background thought, I understand that there are factors outside of the control of TNA management that require just that.

Impact will boast some impressive surprises and revelations to further the Aces and Eights' siege of the Impact Zone and TNA live events. All of this leading up to what I still believe to be something special in the way of a Bound for Glory theme. In any case, I can safely say we, as wrestling fans, won't be disappointed by the developments that will be incoming for the broadcast.

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  1. I dont believe tna will challenge wwe I believe they will surpass and dominate wwe