Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Impact this week is sure to have a few surprises. Most notably among them is just what happens as it relates to James Storm and his alleged ties to the Aces and Eights? Bully Ray pulled a fast one and got the 20 points and back into the game. Predicting what TNA has in store for Ray, in particular, is difficult, but if he and Devon HAVE signed on the dotted line, I believe we can expect to see a World Title run in his future. This would be a hard sell to some fans out there as they are far more used to his tag team work with Devon in his career. HOWEVER, there are precious few who could possibly disagree that his most current persona has been, by far, the most interesting in his career to date.

Austin Aries....Where do I begin? His battle for the World Title was memorable; one of the finest examples of fans getting their just desserts in TNA's history. His retaining of the belt was good planning and a credit to his character. But what does TNA have up their sleeves as far as an opponent's list for No Surrender? I think it'd be worth taking a quick look at the roster for potential contenders. I can think of only one option for this upcoming PPV. Don't pick a contender for the title. With so few contenders outside of the Bound for Glory Series, I see only two who even have a faint chance to even challenge......Abyss and Crimson. Neither of these are favorable in my view, but if TNA wants to have such a match, I say put the match on free TV and insert some kind of warmup face off match with Sting and Aries vs. two members of the Aces and Eights. Since Sting is a floating talent, lingering on the outside of the current BFG Series standings and is serving as interim GM to boot, it seems the most logical idea TNA has at the moment. A loss would be inevitable, but HOW it's pulled off would demand explanation and would build everything to a fever pitch come Bound for Glory the following month.

Madison Rayne is the Knockouts Champion. It's about time. TNA did a good thing in giving Tessmacher her day in the sun, but with illness having made quick work of her in the past couple of weeks, the title change needed to be done and there are few characters on the roster with a more full ring presence than Rayne. If there ever was a time to give the new girl a shot to do something, this would be that time. Taeler Hendrix has a look that reminds me a bit of Taylor Wilde. This is a credit and the fact that she's talented enough to hang with a veteran like Tara makes her doubly able to be included into the mix of potential challengers. The Knockouts Division needs a new face in the title hunt. Mickie James, Gail Kim and Tara have all had their title runs and Tessmacher is ill, so the best course of action is to revitalize the division by giving everyone some much needed camera time.

So Zema Ion retains. While I don't agree entirely with the decision as Ion's persona is about as lifeless as a zombie on death row, I understand the logic. Kenny King, as talented as he is, needs time to develop and mature on the bigger stage. Ion has been in the company over a year now and, with that, has managed to develop a good working relationship with upper management. I do see a title change in the future with him possibly winning it back before the return of Jesse Sorenson. I don't, however, see TNA giving the title to someone who is untested. That being said, I think Sonjay Dutt's time is now for his first title reign as X Division Champion. The best time? Bound for Glory. What better way to give a veteran his dream than to do it on the biggest stage TNA has?

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