Wednesday, September 5, 2012

30 Days........

A certain wrestling website has been featuring their columnists doing 30 days straight. 30 days with one column per day. While I believe that goal is a drop in the bucket compared to my record, their questions answered are interesting, to say the least. All are favorites and least favorites and not in list form, but rather one with one or two honorable mentions. Favorite wrestler as a child. Favorite current performer. Least favorite get the idea. I'm thinking about following in their footsteps unless some kind of news comes across my path in the meantime.

Speaking of news, Devon, the TNA TV Champion has left the organization. Officials within the company have considered putting the Television Championship into retirement. With the Aces and Eights story on the frontline, the Television Title hasn't been defended as often as it was promised. A title defense on every show would have been unreasonable. Every OTHER show would still be plausible, supposing that there were challengers lined up, rather than a competition between one or two people. Robbie E. and Rob Terry being the only people challenging for the TV Title got very old very quickly and, I believe it made the title look flimsy.

If TNA decided to retire the TV belt now, they could always bring it back once the Aces and Eights story has run its course. Either way, though, the Television Title has taken a backseat even on Open Fight Night, which also needs to be tweaked in order to keep things interesting. The Gut Check Challenge, while a great concept, isn't drawing like originally thought. I, personally, would like to see one contestant get a win over their opponent. Just one. Joey Ryan may not have won the day, but I very much hope we haven't seen the last of him. The current dilemma is that TNA is running the risk of the people forgetting about the former ROH star.

My suggestions for Open Fight Night are simple. One title match per night. It truly doesn't matter which belt is on the line. My advice is to finally put the Knockouts Tag Belts up for grabs once again along with the World Tag Team belts and pick out the next challengers for the X Division Title for the upcoming PPVs. Without title defenses on Open Fight Night, few people will appreciate the unique-ness of the concept. With the current stories on the horizon, OFN could be sidelined, but setting everything on the sidelines doesn't solve the problems with the concept unless people are actively working on how to bring it back in a fresh new way. The experiment had a good effect. People are talking about TNA trying new things to see what works and what doesn't. No one is faulting the concept, which is unique for this day and age. It's different from NXT, which is a show all its own and, often times is better than the current flagship program WWE is pushing right now.

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