Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Moment or Two......

I tried to do the unthinkable this week. I tried to watch RAW in it's entirety. I got 20 minutes in before I could take no more. My problem was with the pacing, of all things. The first segment went on and on and on and on until FINALLY, at the 18 minute mark, it ended with a commercial. The first match, Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston was so awkward with the excess stuff going on at ringside that I couldn't even finish watching the match. I bash and I rail on WWE for a great many blunders, especially in the wake of them putting their network on the back burner after so many stalls, but in all truth, I wish it weren't so. Seriously. I truly wish I could watch RAW on Monday nights, Impact on Thursday, and Smackdown on Friday, but my opinion of WWE's product is at an all time low and I can barely sit through 20 minutes before having to switch to something else.

Fact is, for the better part of 4 years, I DID watch it all. I was even watching when ECW got themselves started. I wasn't completely turned off by the product. I was impressed that WWE was wise enough to pick up Monty Brown aka Marcus Cor Von, Lance Hoyt aka Vance Archer, and Chris Harris aka Braden Walker from the TNA roster. My problems began with these men. For as talented as they were, WWE had NO clue how to use them. I suppose a case could be made that TNA didn't either as I was convinced each of them could have been something special, but only Harris ever won a worthwhile title. But I digress....

I keep hearing that WWE's Tag Team Division has improved and from the looks of things, that might be, but WWE has the recent habit of allowing this particular division to suffer after a few months of fame. Remembering back to Air Boom and Miz/R-Truth, it went downhill after them. Granted, there were was an injury and a failed drug test respectively, but once they were broken up, the division was ignored.

The problem? When WWE's division suffers, it disappears almost entirely. Contrast that with how TNA confronts their woes. Even in the most difficult times, there are always at least two teams to compete for the titles. The difference? Instead of ignoring the titles, they put together storylines that FOCUS on the titles. Right now BOTH feds have 4 teams and we'll see who actually comes out on top once the dust has settled.

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