Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abe Isn't Done.....

The man behind the Abraham Washington character is getting ready to shoot on his former employer, as if he hasn't already done so. WWE's walls are beginning to crumble, people. If the mighty empire in Stamford is so powerful and far reaching, why are their own people speaking out against them? Former members of their roster, writers, executives; they're all saying the same things. Double standards, money injustices, travel and accommodations, even how pushes and burials are selected have been on the docket. The inmates are growing restless and now, when TNA is doing the kinds of things they need to, WWE is finding their people turning against them.

Kenny Doane, the man once known as Kenny Dykstra of the Spirit Squad has launched his own set of attacks on WWE and in specific, John Cena. In fact, Mr. Cena has been the subject of a great many former employees of WWE's rants and ravings. The poster boy for Vince's new format is a very polarizing figure, to be sure. His indiscretions with the Divas, traveling in WWE owned busses while lower card talents are forced to foot their own travel bills, and his sound offs leading to certain talents getting de-pushed are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Washington ranted on Twitter for the days following his firing, which was very public news. His dismissal, as noted elsewhere, was about a joke told on air involving Kobe Bryant and his rape allegations from years back. Since it was too off color for the taste of the men upstairs, he was let go from the roster. Now, nearly 2 months since his dismissal, he's loading his guns with all the ammunition he can muster.

From his Twitter account this week:

"Im gonna do interviews soon. I'm in some red tape right now, but as soon as that's clear, I'm bringing down the house."


"JTG blasted their ass on Twitter and they went on damage control quick. @WWE has something to hide."

Is all the publicity necessary? Will it cause a downturn in the wrestling business as a whole? I can only hope that people see fit to do the research and cross the line instead of turning the TV off to the entire enterprise.

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