Sunday, September 9, 2012

After BFG.....

So much time invested into the current Aces and Eights story and I have yet to talk very much about what comes next. In various Facebook forums and chat outlets, I have been playing TNA's fighting advocate in terms of fielding complaints about the product, which as I'm finding thankfully, are few and far between these days. Be that as it may, however, I still get some complaints and most of them are about how TNA is going to move forward, making them a more formidable opponent to the current WWE product on the market.

The task of moving forward on the national level is a tough one, to be sure. A great deal is riding on how this current story plays out in the court of public opinion. Ratings have been fluctuating, which could be a sign of people ramping into momentum for TNA, but two consecutive lowerings in the ratings may also be a sign that WWE's fanbase that tunes in on occasion may be allowing the pace of WWE's product to cloud their judgement over TNA. Since TNA has adopted this storyline, in particular, I've heard more complaining about the pace being too slow than nearly anything else. If TNA wanted to adopt a time table the same as WWE, they would be called a rip-off and fans would bolt for the door, but TNA has stuck to their guns so far and it has been an interesting ride.....a far shade different than their more influential counterpart.

So what happens after Bound for Glory? Changes. What kinds of changes? Influx and alterations. The Aces and Eights promises to add to the ranks of TNA's roster. Additionally, the powers that be want to further enhance the Knockouts Division. Rumblings of a Knockout returning to the company in the coming months may be accurate. In fact, I would even say they're likely. Combine that with the continued influx from the Gut Check challengers, whom we have seen or heard nothing from since earning their contracts. I do, however, have assurances that Taeler Hendrix will be properly initiated once her stint in training is over. Alex Silva and Sam Shaw should also be in tow as well. I very much hope the plans are strong to get crowds into their energy.

As for alterations.....the most noted differences will be in the specialty divisions......namely the X and Knockouts Divisions. Expect higher profile matches with more fanfare. Expect a bigger spotlight and the potential for some colorfully charismatic champions to be crowned in the X Division, at least. As I understand it, Joey Ryan will be joining the X Division once the ink is dry on his contract storyline. That should ensure a decent amount of attention as the greatest acquisition TNA has had since signing Austin Aries.

The ODB and Eric Young Knockouts Tag Championship situation should be addressed shortly, perhaps even as soon as next week's Impact broadcast. In fact, all outskirting titles, the most obvious other title being the TV Title, which may be dropped since the champion has left the company, will be addressed in the coming weeks. Streamlining the number of titles has been a suggestion of mine for the better part of a year and it just might happen now that the number of challengers for said titles are fewer. Whatever TNA has planned for those belts will, hopefully make them stronger or retire them.

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