Thursday, September 6, 2012

Being Roode.......

Bobby Roode is a part of Aces and Eights. Yeah....I said it. I get the sneaking suspicion that Bobby Roode is behind Aces and Eights, or at least has been involved in much of their actions since the beginning. I can see some of you shaking your heads, but think about it. A few weeks back, one in their ranks was whooped on by Sting and company and he simply thanks them for "patching" him. He takes a poke down and becomes initiated. Bobby Roode has been beaten down precisely once. That's all. He's been absent from TV since shortly after that beatdown.

My thought? Bobby Roode vs. James Storm might not come about until Turning Point. Depending upon how TNA wishes to play this all out, a TNA vs. Aces and Eights match might be the bigger money maker than trying to reveal it all in one-on-one matches for Bound for Glory. And if the numbers game comes into play at Bound for Glory, all the better for Turning Point to change the rules, barring them from the building. This has been TNA's year so far and building to a huge, feverish pitch just to fizzle at BFG with one-on-one matches, in my opinion, is a bad idea.

So, my thoughts concerning who else might be involved......okay.....

Jeff Jarrett. This one is easy. I hope he isn't the mastermind behind the troop, but being a part of it isn't such a big stretch, after all, Sting DID take his place as the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee.

Abyss. The legal ramifications of banning him from the building only apply if he's in character. At least that could be the story. Once Bully Ray is taken out of the equation, Abyss will be allowed to return, so I predict a brutal beatdown of Bully Ray either on Impact this week, or at No Surrender, making Abyss able to make a return.

Luke Gallows. He's just signed a contract with TNA to join their roster. This would be the perfect time to get involved.

Chris Masters. My reasoning is the same, save for one small thing.....Masters has yet to sign on the dotted line. He's been working with TNA on an appearance type of deal.

Lance Hoyt. This would be the PERFECT time to bring back another TNA original. A biker of his size simply fits the bill. He would be MY choice to fill out a team if Aces and Eights were to downsize into a 5 man squad. He can brawl. He can wrestle. He can sell.

As I've said before, anyone who is revealed to have been a part of Aces and Eights has an automatic push going into whatever the rest of the year brings. If TNA decided to put 6 members of the Aces and Eights into Bound for Glory, revealing Bobby Roode as the leader could make sense with James Storm as the points winner of the Bound for Glory Series. He could be chosen to represent TNA against the leader of Aces and Eights and that revelation would give added heat to the rivalry.

Compoundly, putting RVD, Hardy (or Joe), Anderson, Angle, and Sting into a 5 on 5 match up against Aces and Eights members would give a theme to the entire PPV. However TNA decides to run with this, you can bet some big revelations are set to take place at and shortly after No Surrender.

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