Thursday, September 27, 2012

Carbon Masterpiece......

Mike Knox, Chris Masters, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Matt Morgan......As a unit, these names stagger me with the sheer power. Put these guys in one place and let them loose and there wouldn't be a single soul unscathed.

The rumor behind the curtain is that we will see some kind of 5 on 5 match at Bound for Glory this year. The teams are poised to be Aces and Eights vs. Team Sting with the spots and stipulation to be determined for the bout. Are we looking at a Survivor Series style match with elimination rules, a Lethal Lockdown match, or are we about to see something ground breaking? So far as I can tell, the possibilities are endless, but the competitors are a factor worth speculating over. Bear in mind, these are my picks, but there are so many other worthwhile picks, it's tough to choose just 5.

Bully Ray.....He's tough. Simple as that. He can take a boat load of punishment and still come back for more....who else can match that kind of persistence?

Mr. Anderson....He's available and he can be a good asset in a high spotlight situation. I don't see but one place bigger on the card, which is the World Heavyweight Title picture.

Rob Van Dam....Same situation as Anderson, except he tends to raise his game even higher and can take some higher spots than can Ken.

My last pick might be controversial, but I think it makes the most sense. My final pick is none other than Sam Shaw. Why? He's fresh and new, he could use a good rub right out of the gate, and because he could also use some payback for getting the beatdown by Aces and Eights upon his Gut Check Challenge debut.

NOTE: You may have counted only 4 names. That is because Sting will be leading the team himself at the event IF things continue to go as the rumors are reporting.

If I were booking this thing, I would have one or two X Factors to the match by adding a couple of brand new debuts or returns to help offset anything Aces and Eights has in mind. I would also advise those in authority to keep those names under wraps.

On the news front, TNA is looking to crown a new TV Champion as Devon has vacated the title. The four competitors will be Magnus, Anderson, Samoa Joe, and Garret Bishoff. I have a sickening feeling in my gut that Garret will end up the champion. I hope I'm wrong and that it ends with Magnus, but my gut twitches with a nervous ache. Garret has yet to truly connect with fans. Some will argue that he's better and others will argue worse, but one thing is certain.....he hasn't got the "it" factor that would speak of him as a potential champion as of yet. That says little about his potential as he could pick some of that up as he goes along, but right now, his persona is flat and has very little that speaks to the current TNA fan.

One last note. Bound for Glory tickets are selling well for TNA standards. at last check, 3,800 tickets have been sold, which projects a possible 5,000 seat house for the event. Granted, it isn't 55,000, but with the momentum shifting as much as it has, I find that to be a huge victory when you also consider the amount of seats purchased at the theaters showing it as well.

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