Saturday, September 29, 2012


I've got some stuff coming down the road that will make this a bit more interesting. I'll be tag-teaming on a 3 part post of dream divisions. My good friend over at The Fighting Truth will once again join me to cover each division and throw out some perspective as well. While I've been working hard to go this thing alone, it would be a welcome change to share the load for a few columns as I'm sure it'd also be a refreshing change for all of you guys as well.

In the course of these three columns, we'll cover the Knockouts Division, the TV Title scene, X Division, the World Heavyweight Title picture, and the Tag Team Divisions. We'll list our picks of who we'd have TNA choose for each and who TNA should acquire in the open market. Right now, things are going pretty good for the number 2 company and, with WWE's focus in limbo, TNA is gaining ground.

Since the departure of Devon from TNA, the spotlight has now been cast on Samoa Joe once more. As one of my personal favorites from TNA's history, it just seems to me like it's HIS time again to shine as champion. My opinion? It's ABOUT TIME! I've been calling for this for the past year and longer as he just couldn't win over the critics in the top brass. Apparently, they still listen to the fans. Who knew? Is he going to last or is he a transitional champion setting up Magnus for a run to the top? Either way, he's champion now and has a good feud going into Bound for Glory, which is a good thing to be thankful for right now.

The WWE fanboys out there keep talking up the "renewed" focus of WWE on their Tag Team those people, I have one question. When was the last time you saw a Tag Team Title match on PPV involving 3 teams? For that matter, in the year to date, WWE has only had 2 Tag Title matches on PPV. By my best information, we're looking at September of 2010 with a three-way. For the record, I do NOT recognize any match that wasn't featured on the official card. A year or so ago, I know there was a three way, but it was featured on a PPV pre-show, which doesn't count. That's a two year span, peeps!

Do I really have to bring up TNA's record? Okay, you convinced me. TNA has yet to have a PPV this year without a Tag Title match. THAT, folks, is what separates the two organizations. TNA, even in the face of divisional hardship has always had a title picture that was more focused on the personal vendettas of the tag teams with the title as the ultimate one-up over the other. Just take a look at the Bound for Glory card and you'll get the most accurate cross section of the finest TNA has to offer.

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