Sunday, September 30, 2012


Before I go ANY further with the Great Exchange post, I want to clarify a couple of things. A few posts back, I made a reference to Eric Bischoff as the leader of Aces and Eights, stating that I thought it would be detrimental to the story and I hold to that view. HOWEVER, at no point did I say I wasn't a fan of his work or that I wouldn't welcome him back to the show should the opportunity present itself outside the confines of Aces and Eights. Here's the thing.....I said I wasn't complaining about the promo cut during the negotiations segment even though it sounded like the inflection, speech pattern, and vocabulary of Eric. I like the way he sets up his promos and I believe a great many members from ANY roster could learn a thing or two from him about cutting a healthy heel promo. I hope it isn't Eric leading the group and, though I understand the view of it looking a bit like Immortal without Hogan or Flair, Abyss being a part along with Bully Ray makes some sense....but I digress.

With that in mind, my opinion of Eric being involved in the Great Exchange story in a small way is interesting as it would be Vince showing up on a show Eric has been helping with behind the scenes ongoing since his hiring. While it isn't a necessity as Hogan could play off of Vince on his own, I thought the guesting role of Bischoff would be a nice reversal. So I have a message to the one whose comment is below the post previous and you know who you are.....

Let's try and read every word and what it all means BEFORE you jump to conclusions that I NEVER said....shall we?

Now then.....

My reasoning behind CM Punk being featured in the X's really quite simple. His best role so far in WWE has been in the role of telling of the travesties and inconsistencies in the political system governing the organization. I see this as something TNA could build off of. I would have him debuting and winning the X Title shortly before Destination X and facing off against someone like Austin Aries there for the World Title. Since both were former ROH Champions, I think the familiarity would be a huge payoff for those who have followed his career so far.

As for the rest, I think some compelling feuds would be raised if AJ Lee weren't governing an entire show, but rather the running of a specialty division like the Knockouts Division. Additionally, if Beth and Natalya were to debut in TNA, WWE could use whoever is left in a valet role and finally retire their Women's Division, which has been embarrassing in recent years.

As for Zack Ryder.....tell me you couldn't see him tagging with Robbie E. with Rob Terry as their enforcer. A solid story leading to him rising up the card with the Robbies would be a good play, provided they knew how to make that happen.


  1. I would still question your picks. You are still taking 5of the best stars off of tna and you only plan to bring in 1 main eventer from rhe wwe. Yes beth and natalya would be brilliant in the womans devision but bringing in aj just to run a devision would be poor. I would rather see someone like shamus come over to fued with morgan. And still like i said in my last comment you take 5 top talents from tna i cant see why you would bring in zack ryder to make a comic tag team with the robbies. This would not make the tag team devision any stonger.

  2. Mark,
    Let's look at this another way. First off, I wouldn't want the Robbies and Ryder to BE a comic act and I think putting them together could bring a cohesive element to their team. Second, virtually EVERY top WWE star is in their mid to late 30's and that includes Sheamus. For that matter, I've never been the kind of fan of his that Triple H and company are.

    Lastly, and in my opinion, most importantly, I don't believe TNA NEEDS very many of WWE's current crop of performers. Of those that I DID draft, I only did so as enhancement talents or ones that could benefit TNA the most in the divisions that are lacking. WWE NEEDS the top level talents and so I drafted just that. I think having Anderson, Angle, Aries, Hardy, Bully Ray, and James Storm at the top of the TNA roster STILL makes them a very competitive brand while WWE would be FORCED into utilizing their younger talents in more creative ways than they currently are in order to put themselves in a position to compete on the match quality side of things.